David Gengler

Marketing Director


My name is David Gengler and I currently lead the marketing team over at Lensabl where we're looking to change the way people approach vision care and make it more accessible to everyone.

My experience has had me overseeing all pillars of marketing for high growth tech companies including free and paid channel campaign management, lifecycle and customer retention, analytics, and content/creative.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or Wellfound.


Occasional posts on Facebook aren't enough to grow a business or brand in the social space. Using robust social media advertising platforms, I can create hyper-targeted campaigns that boost traffic, on-site engagement, and ROI.

With websites today having multiple pixels and tags firing at different times, it can be difficult to get all tracking and advertising platforms to talk to each other let alone configure them correctly. With my certification in Google Tag Manager, I can connect things correctly from the start and ensuring your client's tag management goals are future-proof and ready to scale.

With Google and Bing Ads, I'm able to get your client's website in front of people that are actively seeking out what they offer with PPC campaigns. For people that are at the "bottom of the funnel" already and looking to buy, your client needs to be visible here.

Increase exposure to your new content and get it in front of the people that want to read it. Using a variety of paid and free channels, I'm able to boost exposure of your or your client's content while simultaneously conducting competitive research to see where they're focused or what opportunities exist.

Ranking client websites and the content you've helped produce can generate long-term results. Not only that, the that traffic continues on an on-going basis and with minimal effort. With my a la carte SEO consulting, I help my clients improve on-site performance to ensure they're visible in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. I also help them strategize on what types of content to write for the site and which keywords would drive the most volume for them.

One of the best tools for website analysis, Google Analytics is considered by many to be the standard, With it, I can teach public relations professionals and companies how to effectively navigate the platform and show them how to distill powerful business insights from the large amounts of data available.

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