David Gengler

Marketing Director


Hello! I'm David Gengler, a self-motivated marketing professional that's dedicated to creating impactful campaigns that elevate brands and engage both new and old audiences alike. With over 12 years of experience in the dynamic world of marketing with a focus on the digital side, I've developed a knack for crafting innovative campaigns that resonate and the technical skills needed to quantify success.

My journey in the marketing world had me starting on the agency side where I was able to learn a variety of marketing channels and see their impact in a variety of industries. After agency stints in Chicago and Denver and a few years consulting, I took the knowledge I had gained in-house and have been here since.

My approach revolves around a fusion of creativity and data-driven insights. I thrive on dissecting marketing platform capabilities, harnessing analytics, and transforming raw concepts into compelling narratives that connect with audiences. I firmly believe that every brand has a unique story and I'm dedicated to unraveling and amplifying that narrative, most recently as Director of Marketing & Growth at Lensabl. When I'm not behind the desk working on a campaign, you'll likely find me exploring a new coffee shop, playing one of my instruments, traveling (30+ countries and counting!), or having some type of outdoor adventure.

I'm thrilled to connect with industry professionals, aspiring marketers, and anything in between. Reach out to me directly at contact@davidgengler.com.

Warm regards,
David Gengler


While it can be great for repeat customers, the occasional post on social media isn't enough to grow a business or brand with new customers. In addition to organic social, I've also created hyper-targeted campaigns that boost traffic, on-site engagement, and ultimately ROI and revenue.

With websites today having multiple pixels and tags firing at different times, it can be difficult to get all tracking and advertising platforms to talk to each other let alone configure them correctly. With my certification in Google Tag Manager and years of experience in Google Analytics, I've built measurement platforms from the ground up to ensure performance can be measured.

With years of experience in Google Ads and Bing Ads, I've built and optimized paid search campaigns that drive revenue while decreasing cost.

Using data-driven insights, I've built and grown full-scale retention marketing campaigns across email, SMS, referral programs, and even direct mail to improve customer lifetime value.

With years of experience monitoring search trends and algorithm updates, I've orchestrated SEO strategies that include technical optimizations, content enhancements, and thorough keyword research that result in improved keyword positions and overall organic traffic.

My proficiency extends across the marketing spectrum, from meticulously analyzing consumer behavior patterns to devising targeted campaigns that resonate with specific audience segments. I thrive on marrying creativity with empirical evidence, utilizing advanced analytics tools and methodologies to optimize marketing campaigns, enhance customer engagement, and drive measurable ROI.

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